Australian Hardwood Stake Co.


Hardware Store

Description of Timber

Sustainably grown resource

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We have more than just survey stakes. Markers, 

Stakes and Pegs for surveying

Painted and Unpainted

Short Lengths Available

Australian Eucalypt Hardwood

Large variety of sizes

Lengths ranging 150mm - 2.4m

Custom sizes available



Wrecking & Crow Bars

Staple Guns

Hand & Hacksaws

Knives & Fern Hooks

Mattocks, Picks & Axes

Shovels & Forks

Measuring Tapes

Measuring Wheels

Chalk / String Lines


Tie Down Straps

Traffic Cones

Bunting Flags

Barrier Tape

Spray Paints

Flagging Tape

Markers & Crayons

Range of colours

Large range of nails & Screws

Survey Nails and Bolts

Ramset Mickey Pins

Staple Guns and Staples

Bar Chairs, Base Plates & Bag Ties

Nips and Tie wire

Concreters Film